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  • Update: July 3, 1997

    Yes, it's been a long time since we last visited Project:Stocker, but that is because precious little has been accomplished. We are, however, a little closer than we were before. Here's the bits that we've accomplished in the past months, and what we hope to have done soon.

    The first order of business was getting the head done. In Stock Eliminator, NHRA has specs on what they call stock. If your components happen to differ from that spec, you can take them down to that spec. Our cylinder head for the 110hp 2.2L (135cid) has an allowance for 48.4 cc's. When measured, we found that the cc's were actually closer to 58-60 cc's, so we were able to cut .060" off the head and match all of them to 50.1 cc's, which allows more than enough of a margin for error. Billy Nees suggested that we take them down to 49 cc's or even closer, but we've chosen to try it there and see how she works. The cylinder head was prepped by fellow racer Mark Shreckengast and the Snyder and Snyder machine shop. Mark also cleaned the head throughly and installed the new MP valve springs.

    The transaxle was next. Chris at BZ Motors became our tranny man, installing our new components and going over the general maintainence for the transaxle. We got the gearsets from Mopar Performance to transform the stock 2.73 final gear ratio to 3.73's, and we also added a Turbo Action full manual valve body. The gears should give the car some get up and go, especially when coupled with the 6x20" M/T slicks up front (stock front tire height was 24").

    Billy took the short block with him to New Jersey to work his magic on it. The machine work has been completed to the block, but the motor needs to be put together. The NHRA spec on the block is .008" above bore, so we found that we could take .015-.017" off the deck and still leave some margin for error for the head gasket thickness, which should be .068", but better safe than sorry! We measured the old head gasket that was on the motor with a mic, and found it to be .067".... close!

    In the meantime, Jim Used Cars in Montandon installed the Mopar Performance rally struts in the back, to stiffen the chassis and stop some of the pitch rotation. Gotta keep those fronts planted! Jim also fixed the brakes, which had been hanging up on us.

    I've ordered some other components to have them ready for when we get to the next stage in the project. Crank keys, cam centerlining pulley, and other goodies will make the tuning job easier once we get her together.

    Thanks for your patience in waiting for this update folks! Hopefully we'll actually have some performance numbers for you someday!

    Special thanks to:

    Jim's Used Cars, Montandon, PA
    Excel Homes, Inc., Liverpool, PA
    BZ Motors, Lewisburg, PA
    Billy Nees
    Jim Bageant
    Jill Aurand
    Mike Sterling
    Neil Janashek
    Mark Shreckengast
    and of course the crew chief... Stephen G. Beard (aka Dad)

    - Michael Beard