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- Professionally Laundered Shirts
- Alterations & Repairs
- Leathers & Suedes
- Complete Tailoring Service
- Drapery Service
- Shoes Repaired
- Monogramming
- Tablecloths/Sheets

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Stowe, PA   610-970-2192

Bob Barber and his crew did an absolutely amazing job of taken a very typical 1985 Plymouth Turismo (aka not pretty), and turning it into what could very well be passed off as a 1999 model.  The only thing that gives it away is that new car's aren't this straight!  I will post some photos of the completed paint job, with the lettering applied as soon as they are available.   The car looks absolutely stunning.  Many thanks to Bob and everyone at Paintworks for an outstanding job and all the extra time and effort that went into doing this car.  Bob takes an extraordinary amount of pride in all his work, from collision repair to custom paint and restorations.  I could not recommend a more talented operation for painting your next project!  Give them a call at 610-970-2192.

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