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Internet Services

The Staging Light is not only the place to find all of your favorite motorsports information, but it is also the place to go when you want your own web space and professional design for personal or commercial use. There are several services that we offer, including personal web pages, full-blown commercial web sites, and sponsor billboards to advertise your existing web site or product.

Web Site Development is handled on a per-customer basis.   Register your domain name and get started for a $100 setup fee.  Websites are constructed hourly at $35/hour, or under a package deal which includes all site construction and maintenance at a static monthly rate.  Please e-mail for details.

Sponsor Billboard space is available on The Staging Light. Your billboard will be a highly visible portion of any one of our web pages, the most visible and most visted pages being the cover page, the Drag Racing Resources page, and the Guide to Bracket Racing. While these are the best pages to show your presence, you may specify any page you wish your logo to appear on.

You may supply the image for the billboard, or have The Staging Light create one for you at no extra charge. The current rate is $30/month. For more information about Billboard space, send e-mail to

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