The Staging

The Staging Light proudly presents pcHoleShot!, an innovative new approach to drag racing software practice trees! Practice trees are a great tool for drag racers, but practicing has always lacked an element of competition -- or even just fun element. Mark Towslee is the brains behind the programming, while Michael Beard handled the graphics and sound editing on the "practice tree, turned game".

pcHoleShot! is available only from authorized distributors, for $34.95. Authorized distributors include Martel Brothers Racing Products (1-800-882-7223) and Speed Graphics. Distributors welcome.

The program runs on Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 machines with 8MB RAM and 5MB free hard drive space. A 3.5" floppy drive and a video card supporting at least 8-bit (256 colors) is also required. We recommend a Pentium-class processor and 24-bit color support. If you have Win95 and a Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 compatible browser with ActiveX support, you can try a very early version called netHoleShot!. pcHoleShot! has many features well above and beyond netHoleShot! The most important advancement is a timing system that is much improved from netHoleShot!'s.

Tree Types
  • .500 Full
  • .500 Pro
  • .400 Full
  • .400 Pro

    Play Modes

  • vs. your own average r/t
  • vs. a fixed reaction time
  • vs. an adjustable computer opponent
  • vs. computer in tournament mode

    Throttle Settings
    Mouse button controlled

  • press for gas
  • release for transbrake

    Video Support

  • 8-bit (256 colors)
  • 24-bit color

    Background Scenes

  • Day
  • Night

  • Statistics
  • R/T Graph
  • R/T History
  • Average
  • Best, Worst
  • Quickest, Slowest
  • Win, Loss (# and %)
  • Redlights (# and %)
  • Total # of runs

    Vehicle Sounds

  • Top Fuel
  • Top Alcohol
  • Pro Stock
  • Pro Stock Bike
  • ET Bracket

    Photorealistic Graphics

  • "Footbrake" feet for no delay
  • Dragster cockpit for box users
  • Realistic track background
  • Realistic tree and bulbs

  • Tournament Mode Play

    Welcome to the next level in practice trees! pcHoleShot! challenges you to the real drag racing test. You will feel the pressure of qualifying and eliminations as you advance on the 16-car field ladder toward the final round, facing tough computer opponents. You will see the names of people who worked on or tested the game, and "race" against them, or you can change the names to your favorite Pros or local competitors. Step up to *competition*!