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Mark Towslee Programming by Mark Towslee, 1996 Street Champion and Most Improved Driver in Heavy ET at Lebanon Valley Dragway, NY

Michael Beard Graphics by Michael Beard, 1996 Heavy ET Champion at Beaver Springs Dragway, PA

It's Here: pcHoleShot! Features include the addition of: A greatly improved timing system, two scoreboards, play vs. own average, vs. set r/t, vs. computer, or in a 16-car qualified field tournament mode. Also includes the addition of win lights, win/loss statistics, .400 or .500, Full or Pro Tree, day and night racing scenes with new background graphics, 24-bit color support, sounds from Top Fuel, Top Alky, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Bike, or bracket car.

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Please take a moment to check out the browser tips below. Please send questions or comments to either or

First off, I'm sorry if you've had problems trying to play the netHoleShot! practice tree. It uses some pretty advanced technology, and as such, it can be a pain sometimes.

There are three major considerations involved in getting netHoleShot! to run, including operating system, browser setup, and time.

1) Operating System -- You must be running Windows95 or WindowsNT4.0 to view the ActiveX control called netHoleShot!, at this time. (We are limited to these operating systems because the program was done in Visual Basic, and that's the only way we currently know to embed it in a web page. The PC version, however, will run on Win95 and Win3.1)

2) Browser Setup -- You must be using the final release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, version 3.0. Pre-release beta versions of Internet Explorer will not work. I have heard varying reports from those using AOL's and Compuserve's version of Internet Explorer. If in doubt and all else fails, download MS Internet Explorer 3.01 from Microsoft's web site. You can download the latest copy of the browser from

It is vital that your browser be set up correctly. Your 'Active content' and 'Safety Level' security parameters must be set as follows: In your 'view' -> 'options' menu (which may be under 'preferences' in AOL's or Compuserve's browser), click the 'security' tab. In the area labeled 'Active content', make sure all the boxes are checked. Click the 'safety level' button in the 'active content' section. In the new window, called 'Active content security', you must choose either 'Medium' or 'None'. We've had reports from some users that the tree would only display when it was set to 'None'. (I would recommend setting it to 'None' to download the game, and then set it back to Medium or High when it's done) Click 'ok' to return to the 'Options' screen, then click 'ok' to return to your web browser window.

Return to the netHoleShot! site if you are not already there,, and click 'Refresh' on your browser if necessary to reload the page cleanly.

3) TIME -- The first time you load the page successfully, it may take a very long time for the program to install -- perhaps 10 minutes or more, depending on your Internet connection speed. Don't worry, though, after you have fully loaded netHoleShot! once, the page will load as fast as a regular web page.

If these suggestions do not help, please e-mail me at, and we will try to work through the problems.