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Mark Towslee Programming by Mark Towslee, 1996 Street Champion and Most Improved Driver in Heavy ET at Lebanon Valley Dragway, NY

Michael Beard Graphics by Michael Beard, 1996 Heavy ET Champion at Beaver Springs Dragway, PA

It's here! pcHoleShot!

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    This game requires a Windows95 or WindowsNT 4.0 operating system running Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.

    Please send questions or comments to either or

    ATTENTION! If you are having trouble getting netHoleShot! to run, please take the time to very carefully read the netHoleShot! Help Page. You *must* have everything configured correctly in order to see and play the game. Yes, it's a pain to get set up, but once you have it, it loads as quickly as any other web page, and is a ton of fun. See the white sidebar for info on the upcoming release of pcHoleShot! practice tree for Windows3.1 and Windows95

    To Play: Start by pressing the "Stage" button. This will light the Pre-Stage and Stage bulbs, and activate the tree. Press the "Gas Pedal" button to launch the car. You will see different graphics on this button depending on the value in the delay box. If it's zero, we know you're footbraking it! Otherwise, you get to leave off the transbrake button. A variety of statistics are kept and performance is graphed. Click on either the "Graph" or "Statistics" tab to change which measure of your performance you wish to view. Pressing the "Options" button displays some program options that allow you to customize the way the practice tree works. The "Reset Stats" button clears all of the statistics and starts over with a clean slate.

    For general information on reaction times, read the Reaction Time Clinic. For those of you with portable practice trees - help us do some testing! Test your practice tree and netHoleShot! both, and note any significant disparity between your rollout times needed to get the same r/t's. E-mail me with the test parameters and results, along with your system configuration (CPU Mhz and RAM). Thanks in advance.

    Note: The main limitation with this control is the fact that Windows is a multitasking operating system. This introduces some dificult timing problems. Without getting into all of the details, just be aware that if your computer is performing any type of background processing, accuracy of this practice tree will be negatively affected. Therefore, before pulling into the staging beams be sure that your machine is idle.

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