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Final version of Wayne Butler's Funny Car (187K)

The Staging Light's Michael Beard -- I've been doing racing related graphics since I first lettered my "Dust Devil II" Duster in 1992. Since then, I've lettered about a dozen cars at my home track, and have branched out to graphic design both for web sites and product packaging. The following are some of the projects I've done:

Software packaging design:

  • DragStrip Plus
  • Black Book Some Comments from our client on the Black Book logo -- I wish to thank you for your great Black Book Logo. We are proudly displaying it on our packaging and disk sets. You were able to capture the excitement and color that we desired to represent our product. Your logo has proven to be eye catching and appealing to drag racers and others around the world. The thought and talent you showed in the development of this design has ensured our return to you for our future packaging development. Thank you!

    - William Mulrine, President, American Software Design

    Hand-painted lettering

  • Dust Devil II
  • Turn Me Loose

    Computer-generated paint schemes
    Any trademarked names remain the sole property of their respective owners. The images are otherwise Copyright © 1996, 1997 Michael G. Beard

    New! Steve and Scotty Dedman's dragster

  • Original Pic
  • Pic #1
  • Pic #2
  • Pic #3
  • Pic #4
  • Don Berry's Super/Pro RS Camaro

  • Original pic
  • Pic #1
  • Pic #2
  • Pic #3
  • Ken Maltais e-mailed me, wondering if you could apply VirtualPaint to a bike, like his sleek pure black machine. I assured him I could, and did a quick scheme on his bike just for kicks... see Ken's bike

    Scott A. Bilger's Insinger dragster -- (actual photo)

  • Aztec (side)
  • Aztec (side)
  • Aztec (front)
  • Aztec (front)
  • Mopar scheme
  • Castrol scheme
  • Shirley Muldowney
  • Timberwolf
  • Napa scheme
  • Mark Towslee's 1962 Belair wagon -- (actual photo)

  • Dust Devil III
  • Winnebago
  • Towslee Racing
  • fire-engine red
  • pcHoleShot!
  • wheels up!
  • Butler's Alky Funny Car -- (actual Auto Imagery photo)

  • added lettering & stripe
  • changed paint to orange
  • changed paint to purple/white
  • and the obligatory Mopar scheme 8)
  • Winnebago scheme
  • Nate Hackenburg's Street Mustang

  • Actual Todd Dziadosz photo
  • black & purple w/ yellow stripe
  • Nate chose this scheme
  • deep teal
  • One of my 'net buds, Eric Cary, wants to build a Pro Stock Truck, so I started working on a Dodge Dakota for him....

  • (original pic)
  • PS/T 1
  • PS/T new paint
  • (original pic)
  • Slammed, chopped, altered wheelbase
  • and the obligatory Mopar scheme
  • (original pic)
  • PS/T w/ 'GTS' stripes
  • I'll probably get some guff over this one, but it was a special request from one of my other 'net buds... Mike likes to use it for his screen wallpaper sometimes. [grin]

  • WJ's 'Mopar'