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If It Don't Have Wheels It Ain't a Sport
episode #5 -- by Phil Veldheer

Phil 'I forgot my earplugs' Veldheer
Phil Veldheer Racing
62 West 40th. St.
Holland, MI. 49423-5222
Telephone 616.392.1688

This episode is exactly one month late. Sorry, but with all of our commitments we had, plus the desire to burn rubber in all three race cars... First the important news, we've raced the car. Our goal with our PRO class car was to foot brake it and race in the mid 11's. Well we took it out last weekend and ran a best of 11.68. Things are looking good. We had a few small problems, but they were easily handled. The car even won its first round. Now back to the buildup. I enjoy getting questions from all over, but it seems like Arizona has the most Olds fans other than Michigan.

Photo #5a I am going to talk about my HEI ignition first. Why HEI? Why not! It has never failed me, and I run the identical ignition in all three cars. Ed Monger at 518-452-0430 owns MAGSARUS (pronounced MAGS ARE US ) His distributors are designed for racing. His are the highest rpm HEI distributors in the country, with the least amount of input voltage. With a low 11.8 volts of input to the distributor the MAGSARUS Distributor will turn up to 8200 rpms with 50,000 volts to the spark plugs, with a .030" gap Ed's distributors will handle up to 700 hp in circle track, drags ,boat, etc. With an alternator hooked up to supply 14 volts input to the distributor you can turn his ignition as high as 9500 rpms. MAGSARUS also offers a high rpm kit you can install yourself. He told me he will match his distributors against any ones in the country. When you call him, tell him I sent you. The last HEI distributor I sent him was from the bone yard, and it looked brand new when I got it back. Just like everything else in this car, IT WORKS! The distributor is in photo 5A.

Photo #5b Photo 5B shows our Scott's Manufacturing 16" Pusher Fan it's called "the Terminator" Again its the same thing we use on the other two race cars. My red car has had its Scott's fan for its 10th season and my black car for its 3rd season. NO PROBLEMS. That's what I look for. You can call Scotts at 1-800-544-5596 Scotts has a choice of 10 fans from 7" to 18" plus a choice of 6 motor sizes from 2 1/4 " to 6". They offer a choice of 64 fan combinations. I've talked to the tech boys at Scotts before and they can tell you what fan you need for your application from race car to hot rod to tow vehicle.

Photo #5c Photo 5C shows my A.F.S. race carb. And before you ask, yes this is the same carb as on my other two cars. Kevin Hoffman in Holland, Michigan is the owner, and fellow racer. He also highly modified my intake on my black car. He knows what he's doing and doesn't have an assembly line. Just does one at a time. Kevin can be reached at 616-399-1229. Don't bother calling during the day, he won't answer, try him between 6 and 10 pm. Also in photo 5C you can see the braided fuel inlet from Goodridge. More on them next month. You can call them direct or go through CHASSIS ENGINEERING.

Photo #5d
In photo 5D you can see all the sponsors logos and the contingency stickers. Right after this we went to the races. In a convoy of three Olds race cars on three matching open trailers and when we got to Martin US 131 Dragway. Guess what, the yellow car's windshield was cracked, a big stone hit it. So next month we'll show the installation of our new HARWOOD lexan windshield. More later. Any questions please e-mail. - Phil Veldheer,

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