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If It Don't Have Wheels It Ain't a Sport
episode #4 -- by Phil Veldheer

Phil 'I forgot my earplugs' Veldheer
Phil Veldheer Racing
62 West 40th. St.
Holland, MI. 49423-5222
Telephone 616.392.1688

Since these articles have started on the Internet, I have received several e-mails asking a ton of questions about EVERY part on the race car. So I have photographed a lot of the parts and will give part numbers to all the items on the race cars.

Photo #4a Photo #4A shows all the items that are in all of my engines they include The brand is TRW, a division of Federal Mogul and the rings are Speed Pro, also a division of Federal Mogul. 8 pistons #L2323F+.030, 1 set of rings #R5879+.035, 1 set or rings #E243X std. 1 set of main bearing #108.010 under, 1 set of rod bearings #7040CH .010" under, 1 set of cam bearings #1234M.

Photo #4b Photo #4B shows Carter electric fuel pumps (another division of Federal Mogul) I run two of these part #P4601HP pumps and they have 14-16 psi output and free flow 100 gph. They require a regulator like the one on the left in the photo, part # 404-500HP. The pumps are available everywhere and are very inexpensive. Two of these will do the job. I have been using these pumps for years. They are in Jeg's for only $74.99 each. You get all the hardware you need to install also. Nothing extra to buy.

Photo #4c Photo #4C shows the items we always use from Comp Cams. This Pro car is using Solid lifter camshaft #42-655-5 it has a 285 in. duration and 294 ex. with 108 degree lobe separation. My other two Super/Pro cars use the "hottest" Comp Cam #42-656-5 with 300 in duration and 314 ex. with 106 degree lobe separation. Other items include lifters #813-16, timing set #3113 and we use #955-16 valve springs in this race car.

Photo #4d Photo #4D shows item #ST940, These are manufactured by Mondello Performance Products (805-237-8808) Main bearing straps and studs, they are chrome moly main cap supports for number 2, 3, and 4 main bearing caps. They strengthen main bearing caps and eliminate main bearing cap walking. Which results in longer bearing life. The studs are made by ARP.

Photo #4e Photo #4E shows many Olds products you HAVE to have if you race, and they are all made by Mondello. The big item is #VT-580 An all aluminum bolt-in valley tray. It keeps your intake manifold 100 percent cooler for performance. It comes with all the mounting hardware. Also shown is Oil restrictors, fuel pump block off, and chrome moly oil pump drive. Not shown are the best oil pan (#OP800) you can get and the best oil pump (SP757) out. The oil pump is heavily modified and is one of the most important items in an Oldsmobile engine.

Photo #4f Photo #4F shows the standard purchase you'll need for your engine, Olds or Chevy for all your fasteners. They are manufactured by ARP. They are the best and have the largest assortment for your engine.. Here's a list Main stud kit #185-5401, Head stud kit # 185-4001, Rod bolt set #185-6001, Rocker arm stud kit, Adjustable rocker arm stud kit, valve cover set #200-7602, oil pan stud kit #200-1901, carb stud kit #2002402, distributor stud kit #190-1702, Harmonic balancer bolt kit #180-2501, flexplate bolt kit #200-2904, torque convertor #230-7303, and thermostat #130-7402.

Photo #4g Photo #4G shows my Fluidampr performance harmonic balancer part #715168. I have this balancer on all engines. Not just because my hero, Warren Johnson uses them either. I truly believe that Fluidampr is the best, besides they have a 100 percent guarantee. Plus they are tested to 12,500 rpm. Us Olds Big Block racers don't have to worry.

Photo #4h Photo #4H shows one of my three Powermaster alternators. I met the owner at the PRI show in Columbus last year along with the whole family. First class, plus they have a great product. Everything is tested before it leaves the building. I also purchased three of their one-size fits all brackets and it does work on an Olds 455 Rocket. They have alternators for everyone, stock cars, drag cars, marine and off road. They also have a lot of starters too. They can be reached at 1-800-862-RACE. They are in Knoxville.

Photo #4i Photo #4i shows the BEST torque convertor I've used. All three cars use DYNAMIC convertors. This is a new 9.5" convertor that was designed to foot-brake in the Pro class. It will have around a 4200 rpm stall. My two Super Pro cars have 9" convertors with around 4400 rpm stall. The guys that run DYNAMIC are racers and record holders. The are Frank Lupo and Harold Miller. They are major NHRA sponsers and they also are NHRA Bracket Final contingency sponsors. SO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. They support bracket racers. They also have sold me trans brakes for my Turbo 400's. You can talk to these guys at 203-865-6884.

Photo #4j Photo #4J shows more Chassis Engineering products. They sell the best remote master switch linkage I've seen. Its part #3713. Also shown is battery cable kit #3711, master disconnect switch #7410. Other than a battery mount kit this is all you'll need to install the battery in the trunk.

Photo #4k Photo #4K shows Tony Goodman putting the final touches on the neat installation of our aluminum JAZ Products racing seat. We also have the cover they manufacture.

Photo #4l Photo #4L Shows that we are getting closer. They Weld wheels are installed. The Mickey Thompson 10.5 x 29.5 slicks #3062 are on. My red car uses M/T part number 3076 its 32 x 16.0-15 while my black car uses M/T part number 3075 which is 32 x 14.5-15. I have had great luck with these and they don't require the mother of all burn outs every time to make them work. You can order direct by calling 1-800-222-9092.

- Phil Veldheer,

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