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Guest Editorials

The Staging Light proudly presents another feature presentation: Guest Editorials. Some of these will be regular columns -- others simply stand-alone installments. If you would be interested in writing an editorial for this section, please e-mail for more information.

Ralph Molesworth adds some commentary on a subject which I believe was first brought up by Steve Taylor, and has been kicked around on the 'net in various forums for some time now...  It's time to change the red-light rule.

pveldheer.gif (11203 bytes)10/2/97
Phil Veldheer, from Holland, Michigan wrote a monthly column entitled "If It Don't Have Wheels It Ain't a Sport". The first installment begins with the buildup of a third car in his expanding stable of Super/Pro and Pro class Oldsmobiles.

Bruce "The Wheeler Dealer" Wheeler, of Maui, Hawaii wrote a tribute in memory of the late Al "Lil' Guy" Friedman, who died twenty-five years ago this month. AA/FD's all the way.

merle.gif (12294 bytes)6/9/97
Merle Grabhorn, from Owasso, Oklahoma has written for several publications, including Bracket Racing USA magazine. He sent me a truly entertaining story about his first try at class racing, many years ago. It's lengthy, but worth every minute of it! Drug out of File13 and dropped into the "You won't believe this story" folder, check out...

johnnyd.gif (9604 bytes)2/21/97
John DiBartolomeo from DRC Race Car Products, Inc is an NHRA Division 1 Super Gas racer from New Jersey. John has some National event wins to his credit, and has written for Bracket Racing USA magazine, as well as SS&DI (Drag Racing Monthly). Here he presents some great tips and information in CO2: Drag Racer's Life-Giving Gas.

larryp.gif (6548 bytes)2/21/97
Larry Pfister is the talented cameraman and webmeister of Horsepower Heaven from Canada in NHRA Division 6. Larry writes about the current state and the future of Net Racing Coverage

Ralph Molesworth drives a low 9-second '63 Chevy II in NHRA Division 1 Super Gas and Super Pro ET in Maryland. Ray had some interesting points in his editorial Super Stocks vs Super Jocks about the state of drag racing in the popular media.

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