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Conner's Top End Racing Tactics
by Bob Conner

Bob Conner
Bob Conner
T/S '89 Camaro Lewisburg, PA

Michael, your page on top end tactics has a lot of useful information however, I felt compelled to write to you to view my opinion of Top End Tactics. First off, you do not mention the most important strategy, being DIAL THE CAR! In my opinion, You must Dial the car and Driver to the most accurate possible Dial-in. From this point you now play games on top end as your article suggests. If you properly Dial the Car and Driver, your guessing game at top end is minimal. Meaning A light touch of the brake pedal is all that is needed ever! Now there are variables, such as ( how much nitrous did I use, the transmission is hotter in round robin, etc.) Cars, reaction times, and weather all contribute to the consistency of every run, however I have never found anything ever to change A CONSISTANT Driver, Car more than a tenth of a second! Therefore, DIAL the car to the number based on your own experience that the car will run, NEVER SANDBAG, your only adding to the consistency challenge. My car on the first day of Racing at Beaver Springs in 1995 ran the number every round, The first time out in competion I won the race running a 8:890 on a 8:89 dial in with a 5:02 light, running flat to the floor, knowing I could have run under! I didn't touch the brake because my opponent was running a lot faster than I was. I base my dail-in's on the previous run more than any other factor! The Weather, Temperature, Baro, all can lie, but the previous run never lies! It only tells you what you and the car achieved! I do not own a weather station, and probably will not ever buy one, because I might get to smart for my own good! I hope you add this article to your home page. I would not like new racers to risk the hazards of jumping on the brake pedal at top end, rather Dial the Car!

Bob Conner #3805 T/S

[ Editor's note: For more information on dial-in tactics, logbooks, weather stations, and building a consistent car, check out the Guide to Bracket Racing. To discuss top end racing further, send e-mail to Bob Conner at, or The Staging Light's editor (Michael Beard) at ]

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