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About The Staging Light

This is a little more than the short history of The Staging Light, but a more general "how we got where we are today" story. I'll try to keep it brief, and not get too off-track! (no pun intended)

1994 Div.1 Champ & ET Driver of the YearMy dad did some drag racing when he was a kid, in his '56 Ford, powered by a 401 Buick engine. I heard a lot of stories about it, and how he ran his quickest pass ever with that car, a 12.97. Some twenty years later, he returned to racing at our now home-track Beaver Springs Dragway, Beaver Springs, PA. After watching him race his 16-second '74 Dodge D-200 pickup truck, this eager 15 year old was getting the fever. A '71 Duster, 225 slant-six birthday present, one year (and just 16 days after getting my driver's license) later, I made my debut in the ETK (trophy) class at BSD. I went four rounds at my first race, July 28th, 1990. I was hooked.

Michael Beard Long before I got into racing, however, I was a computer nut, fiddling with my now-ancient Commodore 64. I quickly learned to use the C-64 to keep track of logbook records, and I once attempted to make a practice tree (and failed) on the computer.

Just a few more years later, the car is now a mid-12 second '74 Duster 360, and the computer of choice is a Sun SparcStation. At Bucknell University, in Lewisburg, PA, I was introduced to the Internet, and I quickly searched for any sign of fellow drag racers. I soon found the Mopar Mailing List, and the DragNet mailing list. Later still, I discovered the World Wide Web, and you are looking at the results right now.

I began writing HTML web pages in February of 1994. Instinctively, of course, I used the web search engines to find new sources of drag racing information. Stunned, I found none, save for the DragNet mailing list's web page. I set myself to fill the gap, and create the drag racing information that was missing. Thus began my Introduction to Bracket Racing, now seen as the Guide. In the meantime, more and more drag racing related sites were coming online, and I collected them in a convenient list, as well as some of the better sites for other motorsports. I renamed the page The Staging Light, and after several facelifts, SL is bigger and better than ever. In December of 1995, I put a link from The Staging Light's drag racing resources page to the Dragstrip Plus page. Web traffic there increased by some 400%, leading to my association with that server, and the company Revolutionary Concepts, Inc.

The Staging Light moved to RConcepts, and after a few years, the company dissolved, leaving the majority of the websites in my hands.  Now, the Staging Light resides at JD-WEB, a local computer store, Internet Service, webserver, and sign shop where I work. The move has been a good one. I can now offer you more features and specials than ever before, as well as act as an advertising medium for those of you with businesses. Not only that, but the move was an organizational one as well, allowing me to restructure the files to allow more expansion in the future.

The bottom line is: The Staging Light is here for you, and you are the winner! Thanks again for all of your support!

- Michael Beard

Copyright 1996-1999 Michael G. Beard

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